One of the ingredients we stock that our customers love is AlphaSize®. Alphasize® GPC is a leading supplement ingredient used for cognitive health, which is basically being able to use your brain functions better such as memory and concentration. However, for sports nutrition, this ingredient has many more benefits for your training than just being more focused. Many of our customers are including these ingredient in multiple supplements, due to its wide range of benefits.


What is AlphaSize GPC?

AlphaSize is alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline (A-GPC). This is a patented ingredient created from 100% natural and pure sources making it highly absorbent and safe to consume for most.

Choline is an essential nutrient for your body, which means you need this in your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The liver does produce a small amount of this nutrient naturally, but you need to consume foods such as eggs to have enough daily.

Vital health functions affected by choline are:

  • Brain Health
  • Nervous System Health
  • Muscle Strength
  • Metabolism Support

Your body’s health will begin to plummet if a deficiency occurs, and this will especially affect your workout if not consumed enough or taken as a supplement.


AlphaSize GPC Benefits for Training

Having reduced mental fatigue and better clarity allows you to stay focused on the task at hand, and when it comes to training this is quite valuable. Have you ever trained for only 30 minutes and had the feeling of giving up because you felt tired?

AlphaSize® helps prevent this thought process and encourages you to maintain the rate of exercise you need to see improvements for your body. But again, this ingredient is not just for your mental health and focus.

Your nervous system will be able to send cellular signals faster to your muscles when more choline is present within your body.

This connection between your nervous system and muscles helps promote better power output. Those in power-based sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, and even sprinters will benefit from this.

A sharper mind-muscle connection also assists with agility, and the ability to focus on muscle contraction during controlled repetitions. Overall, AlphaSize® will improve the performance for those that train consistently and maintain a healthy diet.


Assists with Muscle Development and Fat Loss

Choline essentially supports healthy human growth hormone (HGH) production, which is what helps keep your body physically younger as you age. The desire for HGH is quite common especially by the bodybuilding community.

Your joints have a chance of staying stronger and more mobile from proper choline levels, and the necessity of removing cholesterol from fat keeps your liver safe.

AlphaSize® helps your body maintain lean muscle mass by supporting your metabolism to breakdown unwanted healthy fat storages. However, this isn’t really possible if you’re just sitting around on your butt all day.

Choline levels do help keep you healthy, but without physical training, you will not see much progress in your body composition. AlphaSize® does work well on its own, although you get even better performance-enhancing benefits when mixed with a supplement such as a preworkout.


What Supplements Can Use Alphasize?

AlphaSize is highly stable and able to be placed into products in all forms such as powdered supplements and sports energy drinks. This ingredient has been submitted to the FDA for recognition as a generally safe substance.

You can have peace of mind that this is safe to consume, but if you have any health concerns always consult your physician first. You can find this product on its own, which is okay since it is water-soluble and flavorless.

However, as mentioned you get even better training results when mixed with a supplement containing multiple ingredients. Many non-stim preworkouts contain Alphasize®. A non-stim preworkout is a supplement that supports nitric oxide levels and mental focus without the need for stimulants like caffeine.

Reduced mental and muscle fatigue are positive benefits from any workout supplement, and knowing that Alphasize is within makes those products tend to be more reliable for use. Any search engine will provide you with product results when you search for this ingredient.


No False-Hype for AlphaSize

This may seem like everything is overhyping the ingredient, but all the benefits discussed have been clinically researched and proven to support most people. There never is a 100% guarantee since every person is different.

The benefits come from increasing your choline levels through a natural source, which gives your body this essential nutrient for overall health since many are not consuming enough from their daily diet.

Simply purchasing any type of choline product does not mean you will experience the same results. Numerous studies have shown common sport supplement products containing choline bitartrate, for example, do not convert over to brain metabolism use.

Ask us about how you can use AlphaSize® GPC in your supplements to let your customers experience cognitive enhancement during their workouts!