I'll admit it... I'm a bit of a coffee addict. There's just something about a slowly pressed espresso that warms my heart and makes me feel alive. Some coffee is great with morning breakfast, but when it comes to working out, there are better options for you than a cup of joe before hitting the weights.

This ingredient spotlight is focusing on what its creators call “caffeine reimagined”- Infinergy.

Before comparing other sources of caffeine to Infinergy, it might help to understand how it works. Molecularly, caffeine is a chemical compound that opposes something called adenosine. Adenosine is produced naturally by cells in the body and acts as a central nervous system depressant. It slows down the body systems, widening blood vessels, and suppressing stimulation. Caffeine is sneaky in its opposition to these effects- to cells, it looksa lot like adenosine. It slides right into the spots that adenosine would bind to, blocking adenosine from doing its job (Nichols 2017). As a result, instead of slowing down, the body speeds up and becomes alert. In moderate amounts, this is great for increasing endurance and focus in a workout. It also helps put the body into a state of thermogenesis, or elevated calorie burn, and suppresses appetite. But, no one likes to feel jittery, and not one workout has ever been improved by the acidic stomach ache or excessive bowel movements that can come along with a cup of joe or the looming “crash” of sugary energy drinks. 

Infinergy is a caffeine supplement designed to bring all the benefits of caffeine without the crash or difficulty with digestion. Chemically, Infinergy is dicaffeine malate- caffeine ionically combined with malic acid. Standing alone, malic acid is a great little molecule that creates effects similar to those of caffeine. It promotes energy production, increases endurance, and fights fatigue and perceived pain. When combined with caffeine, it’s even better. The combination of the two energizers creates energy that is released in a smoother, slower timeline. This eliminates the jitters and the crash but preserves the mental focus and thermogenesis. It also eases digestion, since malic acid buffers salts.